Community rules

Sportafa is a place to share information, connect with people who share your interests and discover quality content created by people like you.

We believe that free expression that respects all members of the community is the fundamental pillar of our platform.

  • You must not publish or transmit any message that’s libelous, defamatory or which discloses personal or non-public topics regarding any man or woman or entity. You might not publish or transmit any message, file, photo or application that’s indecent, obscene.
  • You must not publish or transmit any message that could violate the rights of others, inclusive use, publication (book, e-book, article, etc) or disclosure of copyrighted materials, business, industrial ot trade secrets or proprietary information.
  • You must not post content that infringes on trademarks.
  • You must not intrude with every other person’s use or the capability of the Forum.
  • You must not disparage Sportafa or some other person of the Sportafa Service.
  • You must not publish or transmit any message that’s abusive, inciting violence, harassing, harmful, hateful, anti-semitic, racist or threatening.
  • You must not publish or transmit any messages concerning charity requests, petitions for signatures, asking for donations, referring to pyramid schemes, or concerning the manipulation of the Sportafa Service.
  • You must not publish or transmit any marketing and marketing or some other solicitation of different customers of the Forum for items or offerings aside from the Sportafa Service.
  • You must not use the Forum to behavior or solicit the overall performance of any unlawful pastime or different pastime which infringes the rights of others.

Harassment and bullying

We do not tolerate bullying or harassment. You are free to talk about issues and people of public interest, but we will remove content that appears to be deliberately aimed at people in order to degrade or annoy them.

Violence and injuries

Sportafa does not allow images that show violence, injuries, content related to human rights violations or terrorist attacks.

Self-injury and Self-harm

We do not allow the promotion of self-harm or suicidal behavior. We work with government agencies and NGOs to provide assistance to those who need it. Content that encourages or promotes suicidal behavior or any other form of self-harm, including self-mutilation and eating disorders, is not permitted.


Threats to third parties on the site are prohibited. If you are a victim of threats within the platform, you can report them by filling out this form so that we can help you.


It is not allowed to send massive, multiply or annoying content to users publicly or privately in order to promote any product or service.

Respect for other Internet creators and copyright


At Sportafa we are committed to helping individuals and organizations protect their commercial and intellectual property rights. You may not post content or create profiles that infringe on the copyright of others, including copyrights and trademarks.

Copy paste

If third party content is used, it is necessary to include the source from which the content was obtained and to indicate the original author.

Fake profiles

Sportafa does not allow users to create fake profiles of people, names or celebrities.