Competition and psychology (Ups and Downs) in sports

Competition and psychology (Ups and Downs) in sports

Before you start to develop Prime Sport (“Always maintain a high level of ability under the most difficult conditions”), you need to establish a belief foundation for your sport to develop your mental abilities. This affected their relationship in the two areas. First, how do you think about the game; how do you think, how do you think, how do you deal with it. Second, your attitude towards success and failure; how to define success and failure, and understand the importance of success and failure to becoming the best athlete. As you refine your perspective in these areas, it will become easier to win the mental game and reach Prime Sport.

Perspective on Competition

Exercise is of course very important to you. You put a lot of effort in sports. Because of this, every time you take action, you take your own risk. If you make a mistake, you will feel frustrated. You feel uncomfortable, but this is natural because it means you care about your exercise.

However, sometimes you may lose your perspective, and your feelings about the sport can affect your performance. The main red flag is what I call “area too”. You want to worry about your participation in sports, but you don’t want to worry too much. They hope your work is important to you, but not too important. You want to work very hard to achieve your goals, but you don’t.

I don’t want to work too hard. In the “too large area”, if your attitude towards yourself is too dependent on your performance, then your self-esteem is closely related to your physical activity and performance.If you think like that, you ignore the role of exercise in your life. You need to reassess what your exercise means to you and how it affects your life and happiness. It plays a big role in how you feel about yourself. When this happens, not only do you perform poorly (because you feel too stressed), but you may also find that you no longer enjoy sports.

The Prime Sport view of opposition method preserving your recreation in perspective. To carry out your quality and to have fun, you want to preserve your sports activities participation in a healthful location for your lifestyles. It can be critical to you, however it need to now no longer be lifestyles or death. Sports need to be part of your lifestyles, now no longer lifestyles itself. Remember why you participate: it is fun, you want the exercise, it is a brilliant manner to socialize, it feels brilliant to grasp a recreation, and, yes, you want to compete and succeed.

If you’ve got got fun, paintings hard, revel in the method of your recreation, and do now no longer care an excessive amount of approximately achievement and failure, you’ll revel in the opposition more, you’ll carry out better, and you’ll be much more likely to attain your dreams as well.

Ups and Downs of Sport

To obtain Prime Sport, you need to additionally understand and receive the ups and downs of sport. In the records of sport, only a few athletes have had best or near-best seasons: Wayne Gretzky, Steffi Graf, Michael Jordan, Nancy Lopez, Tiger Woods. Even the excellent athletes have ups and downs. Since they do, then you definitely must assume to have them as well. It’s now no longer whether or not you’ve got got ups and downs to your sport, however how huge the ups and downs are and the way you reply to them. In fact, Prime Sport Alert! is dedicated to supporting you in minimizing the ups and downs of sport.

In a down duration, it is smooth to get frustrated, angry, and depressed. You can sense truely disillusioned in how you are acting and may sense helpless to extrade it. You might also additionally need to simply provide up. But none of those emotions will assist you accomplish your crucial goals: getting out of the down duration and returning to a excessive degree of performance. This is a talent that separates the extremely good athletes from the best ones. The excellent athletes recognise the way to get lower back to an up duration quickly.

First of all, they take the period of inactivity in perspective, knowing that it is a natural and expected part of the sport. This mentality reduces the pressure on them to restore higher levels of productivity and prevents them from getting too angry. It also enables them to maintain a positive and positive attitude.

Most importantly, they never give up. No matter how bad they are, they will continue to work hard. Great athletes look for the cause of their depression and then come up with a solution. As far as the ups and downs of sports are concerned, the time of inactivity will not last that long, and you will soon return to the growth stage.

Love and Fun

It is easy to forget the reason for exercise. There are competitions, awards, ratings and concerns. However, when you focus on the external benefits of a sport, you may overlook the internal reasons for your participation in the competition. You may not have as much fun acting. In this case, you need to remember what exercise is. Participating in sports should be two things.

First about love: about love for sports, about love for others, about love for yourself. If you love your sports, you have the opportunity to become Prime Sport. Second, exercise should be fun. Work hard, improve your grades, increase the intensity of the game, and the fun of winning or losing should be fun. Everyone will have a great time.If you always remember that exercise is love and fun, then you will love to participate and do your best.

Success and Failure

Related in your mind-set closer to opposition is your technique to achievement and failure. How you outline achievement and failure, and your perceptions of the jobs that achievement and failure play in growing Prime Sport, will decide your cappotential to carry out your quality consistently. Your mind-set closer to achievement and failure will both sell or intrude with reaching your desires.

Too often, achievement and failure are described narrowly as triumphing and losing. The athlete who wins the opposition is a hit and all of us else has failed. But how usually have you ever done properly, but lost. The truth is you cannot generally manipulate whether or not you win or lose. What you could manipulate is the attempt you install and the way properly you carry out. It’s fruitless to try for some thing this is from your manipulate, so achievement and failure ought to be described in phrases of factors over that you have manipulate.

With this in mind, I outline achievement as giving your quality attempt and appearing to the quality of your cappotential. I outline failure as now no longer attempting your toughest and now no longer appearing in addition to you could. The great element approximately this definition is that it is inside your manipulate, you will sense much less pressure, you will carry out better, and as a result, you will be much more likely to acquire your desires and revel in the experience.

There are many misconceptions that athletes preserve approximately achievement and failure. Many athletes accept as true with that the most effective manner to win is to have constantly won; that winners hardly ever lose and losers constantly lose. The truth is that a success athletes lose greater regularly than losers. Losers lose some instances and quit. Successful athletes lose at first, research from the losses, then start to win due to what they have got learned.

Both achievement and failure are important to reaching Prime Sport. Success builds self assurance and reinforces your perception that you may carry out nicely and meet the demanding situations of competition. There are, however, issues with an excessive amount of achievement too early.

Success can breed complacency because, in case you be triumphant all the time, there may be little motivation to improve. Sooner or later though, as you pass up the aggressive ladder, you may arise towards a person who’s simply as proper or higher than you, and seeing that you have not been stimulated to improve, you may not be as a success. Success additionally would not discover regions in want of improvement.

If you constantly be triumphant, your weaknesses may not emerge as obvious and also you may not see the want to paintings in your performance. Success additionally would not train you a way to constructively cope with the inevitable barriers and setbacks of sport. You can also additionally emerge as so conversant in achievement that whilst you in the end do fail, it’ll be a surprise to you.

Failure is also good, and it will make you better in the end. Failure provides you with information about success, shows you what you have done well, and most importantly, what you need to improve. It does not work, which helps to determine what works best. Failure also teaches you to actively cope with adversity, overcome failure bravely, and exercise patience in your sports development. It will help you become a better athlete. Learning valuable lessons from successes and failures will enable you to understand your sport and enable you to achieve Prime Sport.

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