How to Recover from Burnout

How to Recover from Burnout

All this courage has a dark side: thin and overwhelming. Burnout is not just extreme stress; his peak performance was thwarted.

Burnout is defined by three symptoms: exhaustion, depression, and cynicism; this is a by-product of repetitive and long-term stress. It is not the result of long-term work, but the result of long-term work under certain conditions: high risk, lack of control, mismatch between passion and goals, and the long-term uncertain gap between effort and reward. Unfortunately, these are conditions that arise when people are pursuing lofty and complex goals.

Therefore, it is time to start to recover.

Usually takes courage. The best artists find it difficult to relax. If laziness is the most important thing, then sitting is like laziness. The more passion and determination we have, the more we feel that we are wasting our free time. However, because waste can cause a significant decline in cognitive abilities and make it one of the most common enemies of sustained excellence, you must begin to recover. Not all recovery strategies are the same.

The most important choices are passive and active.Passive recovery is watching TV and beer, did you know?

Unfortunately, alcohol disrupts sleep, and watching TV supports brain activity in unusual ways. The actual recovery requires the conversion of brain waves to the alpha range. Although the TV will turn off the higher cortical center that is conducive to recovery, these constantly changing images will overstimulate the visual system and make the brain out of alpha and beta mode, which is a sign of awake and awake brain waves.

Active entertainment is the opposite: it shuts down the brain and repairs the body. By removing stress hormones from the system and converting brain waves into alpha (first) and then delta (later), active recovery practices allow us to do this. Of course, the best performers push it to considerable extremes: hyperbaric chambers, sensory-deprived reservoirs, dietitians who calculate calorie content. consumption. These are all useful tools, and if you are curious, you can go down this route, but research shows that there are three simpler methods that can be used to safely restore your health. pace.

Take care of your sleep first. Deep Delta Wave Sleep is essential for recovery and learning; this is the time for storage consolidation. You need a dark room, low temperature, and no screen. The brightness of our mobile phone is in the same frequency range as daylight, which prevents the brain from shutting down completely.

And turn off your phone for a while.Most people need seven to eight hours of sleep every night, but find out the best way for you, and then make sure you get what you need on a regular basis.

Secondly, develop an active recovery plan: physical exercise, revitalizing yoga, Tai Chi, walking in the woods (I regret this, people call it “natural bath”), salt bath. Epsom, sauna and whirlpool. Bathing is the traditional method. I personally prefer infrared saunas. I try to do three classes a week, forty-five minutes each. In the sauna, I divided my time between reading and practicing mindfulness. Sauna reduces cortisol. In addition to reducing mindfulness stress, these two methods can also speed up recovery.

Third, a full restart is very important. Everyone has a way of no return. If your work has been unsatisfactory and your frustration is increasing, then it’s time to leave for a few days. Stay with me every ten to twelve weeks. Break-A lonely two-day ski trip. I can read books, skate in the snow, and try not to talk to anyone. But I am to find out who you are.

The most important thing is to anticipate this problem. Burnout requires motivation and motivation. In the short term, because chronic stress can affect cognitive function, you have to do unqualified work and have to repeat it.Because burnout has a continuous neurological effect on everything from problem solving to memory and emotion regulation, it can eventually completely get rid of your pursuit of the impossible. There is nothing compared to the time you lost when the burnout started. If you choose to recover earlier, it will allow you to move forward faster.

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